3% of the entire company BV is allocated for the Executive Car Fund and to be shared by all Pearl Distributor rank and above in GDB points, up to three (3) AM.

How the Executive Car Fund Programme works for you.


1. First you must be a qualified Pearl Distributor.

2. In three (3) consecutive months, you must  maintain:-

    a) Personal PV (PPV) of   300 PV per month.

     b) Personal Group PV (PGPV) of 1,500 PV per month.

3. You must have three (3) immediate first level Agency Manager (AM) group achieve 1,500 PGPV each OR you must achieve  10,000 PGPV for three (3) consecutive months.

4. Upon obtaining the above qualifications, the car can be purchased in the fourth month. However,  the above qualification must be fulfilled every month in order to receive the full amount of the car fund award.

If any one month, the number of your first level qualified AM groups with 1,500 PGPV is less than three (3), OR your PGPV is less than 10,000 PV, then you will be entitled to only part of the Car Incentive Points (s) (CIP) calculated, as follows:-

- 2/3 of the CIP will be calculated if two (2) qualified AM groups with 1,500 PGPV OR Personal PGPV 6,000 PV.

- 1/3 of the CIP will be calculated if one (1) qualified AM group with 1,500 PGPV OR Personal PGPV 3,000 PV.

- No CIP if there is no qualified AM groups OR Personal PGPV  is less than 3,000 PV.

In the event if all your AMs fail to qualify, you  will not lose your car if you make your own payment. TJC will resume payment  as soon as you re-qualify.