PRODUCT FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

By Dr. Randall E Merchant, Professor of Anatomy and Neurosurgery at the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Merchant is involved in research focusing on the treatment of patients with brain tumors. He is also involved in projects involving the nutritional benefits of dietary chlorella in patients with chronic illnesses.

Q:Does Sun Chlorella replace the vitamins, minerals and supplements I'm now taking?

A:No, but it will probably complement what you're now taking.

Q:Are there any negative side effects to taking Sun Chlorella?

A:None that we have observed with our patients. Remember, Chlorella is a food, therefore it is recommended that if you have never taken chlorella before, you start off slowly and gradually increase the number of tablets each day until you reach the recommended serving.

Q:How does chlorella actually improve one's health?

A:Chlorella provides protein, RNA, DNA, all the essential amino acids, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Beside the nutritious value of this combination of components, the beta carotene in chlorella is a well-known natural anti-oxidant and the cell walls are a good source of fiber.

Q:How soon can I expect to feel healthier and more energetic?

A:If your health has been compromised due to disease, injury, or malnutrition, the beneficial effects of consuming chlorella daily should become apparent within a few weeks to a month.

Q:How do I know which is the best chlorella product to choose?

A:The key difference is their digestibility. Many manufacturers use heat and chemicals to break the chlorella cell wall but in doing so, denature important nutrients, compromising its nutritional value. Sun Chlorella is produced using the patented "Dyno-Mill" process, which completely breaks the walls while preserving all of the nutritional components of the chlorella.