Mdm Phang Yew Moi, Seremban Negeri Sembilan

In 1995, I was diagnosed to suffer from womb cancer, 3rd stage final - going  to the 4th stage at the General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur. I was admitted into the hospital, at that time the doctor advised me they were unable to do any operations (removing my womb) because the cancer cells had spreader widely.

They had to put in 2 pints of blood everyday before any treatment could be done. My upline, Mrs. Wong Chin Ngin and Madam Phang Ah Lan (who is also my sister) advised me to increase my Sun Chlorella dosages to 60 tablets per day with 2 cups of Wakasa Gold.

The pumping in of blood everyday lasted for about 24 days, where the doctor started to give me radiatherapy everyday, for 24 times. Until the 4th  time radiatheraphy, the doctor advised no need to put in any more blood. Chlorella had help me to increase my red blood  and the doctor had given me 1 chemo treatment after the 24 times radiatherapy.  After that I was discharged, but I continued my Sun Chlorella and Wakasa Gold consumption pattern everyday. I had to travel to the General Hospital for check once a month. After that 3 months once and 6 months once. This has lasted 1 year (till 1996).

In 1997, the doctor had confirmed that there was no more cancer cells in my body (womb). I was overjoyed to hear the good news !

I am still taking chlorella today, reduced to 40 tablets with 1/2 cup - 1 cup of Wakasa Gold per day, and living healthily now. How amazing is this Sun Chlorella which has helped me to come alive again !!.