Maintain Health with Sun Chlorella


Why people get sick?

All beings including animals and plants have natural healing power. In natural world, there is no doctor for wild animals and plants but almost of all of them can survive without getting sick. It is because they can cure by themselves naturally when they got hurt or sick. But nowadays, it is suspected that this ability of people is weakened. All beings have also an ability called active force, which enhances cell metabolism. Having this ability of active force, cell tissues that are old, injured or damaged by illness can be renovated. And more, there is an ability called homeostasis retentivity. Due to this ability, people can keep average temperature and maintain roughly constant blood concentration. That is, good health
depends on various kinds of body mechanism and substances, and people get sick when these bodily balances are disrupt.

Why illness is cured?

Illness occurs when the body gets damaged correlating with genes, environment and lifestyle habits. Some people can cure the illness and some people get worse and worse. For someone whose healing power is weaker than the power causing disease, he/she gets ill. And when he/she cannot make improvement of this way, the illnesses keep on making progress. However, if these people intake some food such as chlorella and Wakasa Gold that improves their natural healing ability, their healing power will become strong enough to beat out the disease and it is to say, they get over the illness.

What is chlorella?

Chlorella is a green single cell fresh water algae, and have so long life history. It has survived 540 million years, and it is a first known form of plant life with a true nucleus. Chlorella is so small with 3 to 8 micrometers in diameter, and every 20 to 24 hours it divides four times. Throughout its two-billion-year history on this planet, chlorella has survived every convulsion of nature because of its tough outer cell wall protecting its genetic integrity and its rapid reproductive ability. Chlorella is a well balanced food that contains all the nutrients that is essential for our health.

Is chlorella a medical product?

No it isn’t. It is not medicine that obtains authorization from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. It is food with obvious medicine efficacy. There are many clinical tests of chlorella performed, and its efficacies are demonstrated. Actually, there are many voices from those who had chronic diseases but recovered or improved after taking chlorella.

What is pulverization of chlorella’s cell wall?

Covered by the tough cell wall, chlorella has kept its delicate life form at the micro level for a long period. At the same time, the tough cell wall of chlorella is a fatal barrier for human that block digestion and absorption when taken into human bodies. This defect is solved when the cell wall of chlorella is pulverized.

Who should take chlorella?

People with chronic diseases tend to take it everyday but it is good for all kinds of people. It is good for even healthy people to build up a body resistant to disease.

What kind of chlorella should we choose?

There are some chlorella’s which are made under tank culture without sunlight or which are not pulverized its cell wall. We recommend chlorella cultured in a natural environment under a lot of sunlight and its cell wall is pulverized.

What is C. G. F.?

C. G. F. is called Chlorella Growth Factor, which is a phytonutrient derived from chlorella and has an action to revitalize weaken cells.

Who should take Wakasa Gold?

Only a few amount of C.G.F. can be derived from chlorella. C.G.F. extract is a drink made from pure C.G.F. of chlorella. The C.G.F. product is called - Wakasa Gold (contains 40% C.G.F. Apple flavor). We recommend to take Wakasa Gold together with Sun chlorella A tablets especially for those who have chronic disease. Because people with chronic disease have weaken body functions, it is more effective to take Wakasa Gold to revitalize the body functions and absorb Sun chlorella A’s nutrients at a maximum extent

How many times and amounts should I take Sun chlorella A tablet and Wakasa Gold in a day?

Sun Chlorella A tablets: If you have any subjective symptoms, the suggested daily intake for an adult is 30-50 tablets a day. For health maintenance, we recommend to take 15 -20 tablets a day. For children that are depend on their age (2 tablets for 2 years old).

Wakasa Gold: We recommend take 30-60 cc of C.G.F. a day

When should I take Sun chlorella A and Wakasa Gold?

Because both chlorella and Wakasa Gold are food, there is no rule of timing to take them. It is safe to take them anytime you like. In order to obtain the best result, it is strongly suggested to take our product with empty stomach and it will be to divide the tablets and take a few time throughout the day.

How long should I continue to take Sun chlorella A and Wakasa Gold?

We recommend to take them at least for 3 months. The effects vary from person to person, but generally speaking, to improve body condition it takes 6 months to 1 year.

Is it safe when I continue to take Sun chlorella A and Wakasa Goldfor a long time? Do they have any side effects?

It is safe. Because Sun chlorella A and Wakasa Gold are food, there is no side effect like medicines. It is safe to keep taking them for a long time.

What is a favorable reaction?

When people take Sun chlorella A and Wakasa Gold everyday, as a process of becoming healthy, there are some symptoms felt as if body condition is getting worse in a mean time. For example; 1) Until about 1 week after start taking chlorella, some people have gas in the bowel. This is due to activated intestinal cells and increased intestinal motility. After 10 days, these symptoms will disappear. 2) Sometimes people who are allergic temporary acnes, pimples, and eczemas. Or some people feel itching. These are due to increasing of homeostasis ability and activated detoxifying process, which caused from taking chlorella. 3) Some people get sick and diarrhea, get constipated, or sometimes get a slight fever. These symptoms are found in every 50 people. These symptoms will disappear within 10 days at most. However, if you cannot handle with these symptoms, please reduce the intake amounts. And when you come to feel better, please increase the intake gradually. If these symptoms are found significantly, please take a temporary break and start again from fewer amount. Not everyone suffers from these favorable reactions. These are seen as one of a process of he/she is becoming better. People who have these kinds of reactions usually enjoy more benefits from chlorella and Wakasa Gold than the people who do not.

Once I start is it possible to stop?

They are not habit forming. Once your physical condition improves you may stop. However, we recommend continuing for your health. You can also reduce the amount and continue.

Is it true that my elimination will turn green when I take chlorella?

Yes. It is the color of chlorophyll. You may set your mind at ease

Can I take Sun chlorella A /Wakasa Gold with medicines?

It is all right. Both chlorella tablet and Wakasa Gold are medicinal food and not medicines. So it is safe to take them with medicines.

Is it safe to take Sun chlorella A /Wakasa Gold for pregnant women or during breast - feeding?

Of course it is safe. There is no habitation or side effect in chlorella and Wakasa Gold, so every kind of people from baby to elderly people can enjoy chlorella.

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