Strengthen Your Natural Defense System with Sun Chlorella

by Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D

Every minute of the day, thousands of ferocious battles are raging inside of your body. With colds and a highly contagious flu epidemic upon us this winter season, it’s more important than ever to build up your natural defense system. But colds and flu aren’t the only illnesses that strengthening your natural defenses can help you avoid. A strong immune response can also help you prevent chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, allergies, and even help you ward off life-threatening immune deficiencies. Although we hear a lot about building our natural defenses at this time of year, how do you best go about it?

Understanding Your Natural Defense System
It first helps to understand a little bit about the immune system, which is a complex network of cells and organs that protect the body against disease. When a foreign virus, parasite, bacteria, or other invader enters the body, these substances (known as antigens) trigger an immune response. Organs throughout the body then deliver white blood cells, known as lymphocytes, which are key players in the immune system. When part of the immune system isn’t working properly, an immune deficiency disease may develop.

The two types of immunity that are very important for individuals to build are antiviral immunity and anti-tumor immunity. Our body has two types of immune defenses. The first type of defense is called innate defenses, or natural defenses, which throw themselves into the battle against viruses when an individual is first exposed. These defense mechanisms try to kill off foreign cells of any type and help you defeat such things as colds and viruses. The second form of immune defense, which I consider the “smart weapons” of the immune system, is called acquired immunity.

This type of immunity takes a longer time to develop. It is extremely specific; for example, it can defend against a specific marker on a cold or virus that’s trying to get you. This type of immunity also has memory; it will remember a virus and prevent it from infecting you again later on.

Why then, you may ask, do we need to get flu shots every year, if our body can remember viruses and prevent us from acquiring them? Annual shots are necessary because the influenza virus changes its protein “coat” very frequently so the immune defense you built up one year, with all this great memory from last year’s virus, isn’t going to protect you from this year’s virus. From year to year, the flu wears a different overcoat - one your body is not prepared tofight off. For example, the most recent outbreak of the avian flu, also called bird flu, which is now appearing in Asia. Although an estimated 90 million to 100 million doses of flu vaccine are expected to be available nationwide (up 50 to 60 million doses from last year), this particular vaccine is not considered effective against the avian flu. Preparations to fight the avian virus have started in Michigan and across the United States. President Bush is getting involved in the steps it will take to speed up this particular vaccine production.1

Building Daily Defense with Sun Chlorella
Sun Chlorella is a natural whole-food supplement derived from single-celled green algae, called Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Chlorella pyrenoidosa has a wide range of potent antioxidants, including chlorophyll, Chlorella GrowthFactor, beta-carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and polyphenolic compounds. This superfood provides such a rich sourceof antioxidants that may help to enhance several vital aspects of your immune response. Sun Chlorella also naturallyprovides protein, dietary fiber, lutein, B vitamins, omega fatty acids, nucleic acids, essential amino acids, and importantminerals including phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, and copper.

All by itself, however, Sun Chlorella will not make up for poor eating habits, lack of exercise, or massive stress in your life. But no matter what, I strongly suggest that you at least add this superior green food as a simple staple to your diet today (one serving of Sun Chlorella is equivalent to a serving of fresh vegetables, only in a simplified easy-to-take tablet form).

Why Specifically Sun Chlorella
What makes Sun Chlorella superior to other green food supplements is the unique, patented process utilizing the DYNO®-Mill machine. The DYNO®-Mill pulverizes the cell wall naturally, without using chemicals, or any other methods that have been known to damage its naturally nutritious structure. Sun Chlorella is the only chlorella on the market that contains 95%-99% pulverized chlorella, allowing for optimum digestibility. This patented process has been the
recognized as the industry leader and no other company has or uses this method.

Stress Can Compromise
Of great concern during the flu season is the issue of chronic stress. Stress plays a greater role as we age. Stress manifests in our lives in many different forms, examples of which include going through a difficult relationship or separation; caring for a sick loved one; going through a serious depression; experiencing severe financial or job stress; taking examinations that are very important; or driving in heavy traffic. All of these situations can cause stress.
These chronic stressors, as well as age-related changes and deterioration, increase dangerous stress hormones in our bodies. Stressful situations knock down our antiviral and anti-tumor immunity, both innate and acquired forms.

In terms of innate immunity, stress knocks down natural killer cells that are very good at seeking out viral infections and possible tumor recurrences. The second form of immunity that gets knocked down is acquired immune response, especially what are called cell-mediated immune responses that help you get rid of virally infected cells. And when both of these forms of immunity go down hill, you’re much more susceptible to illnesses.

You Have to Take Control
The good news is that many things can be done to enhance both innate and acquired immunity – to move both natural killer cell activity and cell mediated immunity in a positive direction, and to reduce stress hormones. Some steps you can take include incorporating good aerobic exercise into your life like going for regular walks; washing your hands more often; enjoying humor and laughter; meditating to reduce stress; having a flu vaccine (if you need it), avoiding too much alcohol (weakens your resistance to infection), being a non-smoker, and focusing on getting important forms of nutrition into your diet – daily fruits, vegetables, and Sun Chlorella. These are the finest things you can do for yourself.

Getting exercise or enjoying music, for example, actually have direct effects on your stress hormones. These activities act through the brain to reduce stress hormones, and that has a very powerful, positive impact on your body’s natural defense system.

Of course, this type of immune building is not going to happen overnight. But you can make a good start today!

Sun Chlorella, over time can really make a difference in building your body’s natural defense system!