Monde Selection Award

Monde Selection is an Independent International Institute founded in 1961 on a Belgian initiative in Brussels, and is the oldest and most representative organization in the field of Quality Selections in the world. Each year an average of over 1500 products are presented to the Institute from 70+ countries in order to assess their quality standards.

Monde Selection distinguishes itself not only by its experience but also by the panel of long term partners and jury experts that have enabled us over the years to provide customers the value added service of Quality Selection. Sun Chlorella Corp. was invited to the 48th Monde Selection 2009 Award Ceremony of June 1st. We registered Sun Chlorella A Tablets, Sun Chlorella A Granules and Megami Tablets for the selection. Although our entry is the first time in the history, Sun Chlorella A Tablets and Sun Chlorella A Granules have been awarded for Grand Gold Award and Megami Tablets for Gold Award.


Exhibition of our products

Information exchange with a jury of Diet & Health Products Selection

Cheer with the President of Monde Selection

The attendees of the ceremony were approximately 500. The total number of the entry items was 2,200 from 737 enterprises over 73 countries in the world and only 389 items were awarded for Grand Gold among these numerous numbers. See the summary as below;

Overall summary

  Grand Gold Gold Silver Bronze No award Total
Number 389 814 475 183 319 2180
Proportion 17.84% 37.84% 21.79% 8.39% 14.63% 100%

By sections

Spirits & Liqueurs 325
Beers, Waters and Soft Drinks 398
Cereal Products 89
Chocolates and Confectionery 216
Food Products 397
International Wine Contest 121
Diet & Health Products 185
Cosmetic & Toiletries 119
Tobacco Products 11
Total 1861

By Country

  Country Company Items
Africa 10 23 55
Asia 14 526 1423
Central America 9 11 21
Europe 27 153 273
North America 2 6 47
Oceania 2 3 10
South America 9 15 32
Total 73 737 1861

Their international juries for the selection include approximately 70 professionals in various fields; such as professors of oenology, masters of sommelier, chefs introduced by Michelin, members of ACADEMIE CULINAIRE DE FRANCE, scientists and consultants of nutrition. We are proud that Sun Chlorella products were selected for the awards under such strict evaluation and it proves to their excellence of quality that they have cherished for 40 years since the foundation. SCC  intend to continue entry for these contests for diet and health food products so that they can promote the superiority and continued improvement of their products to the world. Congratulations to SCC!