Mr. Abdul Rahim bin Wahab - Emerald Agency Manager, Kuala Lumpur

“Today, I created a success out of a misery”. I suffered a stroke and was hospitalized at the KL General Hospital. After six months medication, I was allowed to be discharged although my condition hasn’t completely recovered at that time. A friend came along and introduced to me a product called Sun Chlorella “A”. He convinced me to try the Sun Chlorella products because this product has helped some health problems.     

Without hesitation, I used the Sun Chlorella “A” and Wakasa Gold product for one and a half years. With the will of Allah, miracles happened and I recovered from stroke and my semi paralysis body was able to function again. Even I am able to drive and continue with a normal life once more.   

In the end, I became a Sun Chlorella member and introduce this product to everybody else. I also share my experience with my friends and relatives because I wanted people to know, love and embrace this product supplement.

My success today is due to the support from my network of downlines who are in this business together. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today. To me money and status isn’t what I am after, but the sheer experience in sharing this wonderful product and helping those who have problems gives me full satisfaction. Thank you also to TJC (M) Sdn. Bhd for being here and carry on providing health wellness to the people in Malaysia. Thanks to the god, I am still healthy and energetic!