Magnification of Chlorella Cell (X600)


  • Microorganisms about 6 microns (6/1000 millimeter)
  • Single cell algae that emerge over 2 billion years ago
  • Discovered in late 19th century
  • "chlor" is green, "ella" indicates small
  • The base food for all the creature


Structure of Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (X23,600)


  • Surface is covered with cell wall
  • (CW) which is mostly cellulose
  • (N) Nucleus
  • (S) Starch Grains
  • (C) Belt shape Chloroplast
  • (M) Mitochondria produces the energy for the cell


Pre-cambrian Chlorella Fossil (X3000)


  • No distinction between male and female
  • Reproduced asexually
  • Divides itself to reproduce
  • Produce an astounding 4 daughter cells every 20 hours!