Sun Chlorella "A" - Patented DYNO - MILL Process

Sun Chlorella Whole Cell
(before DYNO-MILL process)

Sun Chlorella Whole Cell
(after DYNO-MILL process)

  • Freezing, heating, cooking and chemical methods will destroy most of chlorella's nutritional value.
  • We've tried all, but we weren't satisfied with the results.
  • Discovered the DYNO-MILL process which is patented by us
  • Our patented DYNO-MILL process breaks down 95% of the outer cell wall without affecting the nutrition inside
  • Increase absorption by body to at least 80%, double than any other brand can offer!


Dr. Bernard Jensen. D.C., Ph.D

"I am impressed that Sun Chlorella has developed a process for breaking down the cell wall and increasing the digestibility to 75 - 80%, nearly 40% more than other chlorellas in the market. I feel that Sun Chlorella cares a great deal about the quality of its products and the consumers who use them."


Bright sunshine, fresh water and clean air, are the essential components, that enables us to produce highest
quality chlorella for you.

Chlorella is cultured outdoors under strict sanitary measures :
We culture chlorella outdoors because it has been determined that by culturing chlorella out side under strict sanitary measures instead of in tanks, the full exposure to sunlight allows us to obtain high levels of C.G.F. and other useful chlorella constituents. The chlorella produced by the latest technology at our culturing plants processed as Sun Chlorella A products under rigid quality control by Japan's and our own strict standard.

Integrated production from cultivation to finished product brings you chlorella of highest quality :
Sun Chlorella brings the consumer high quality chlorella by managing its entire production from raw materials to the finished product. As a health food company, we believe it is incumbent upon us to practice rigorous production procedures, thereby allowing us to continue making very safe products.

Highest quality Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) : There are many species of chlorella, but at Sun Chlorella, we insist upon using Chlorella Pyrenoidosa (SUN CHLORELLA strain). Only Chlorella pyrenoidosa contains C.G.F. in large quantity, which is the most important constituent among all in chlorella.

Tough cell wall benefit all : The chlorella that grows under natural sunlight will produce a tough cell wall, which protects chlorella, also acts as fiber to help detoxify our body.

We develop our own cell wall pulverization technology to improve chlorella digestibility and absorption. :
Sun Chlorella Corp. was the first in Japan to develop a pioneering cell wall  pulverization technology and achieved dramatic improvement in digestibility. Through natural methods, thus ensuring that there is no loss of the benefits of chlorella.

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